28.06.2022: GST Council presses for extending tenure of National Anti-Profiteering Authority

The GST Council is pressing for extending the date of the National Anti Profiteering Authority(NAA) beyond November this year and has said that the Solicitor General will assist in cases where the constitutional validity of NAA is challenged, sources said.

There were reports that the NAA will be merged with Competition Commission of India. The GST council has agreed for detail review of the mandate of the NAA for further strengthening it.

People aware of the discussion told ET that Most of the states agreed that the role of NAA is crucial and its tenure needs to be extended.

The council has also discussed the many reform measures for small businesses, including waiving requirements for filing refund claims by condoning the 2 year COVID period between 1st March 2020 till 28 Feb 2022.

Sources said that council has also agreed to permit tax authorities to file appeals against erroneous refunds by not considering the two year period.

Source: The Economic Times

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