TAXO GST 360° is a fast and innovative 360° GST Knowledge Solution that helps GST Professionals and Students become a GST Expert and enables them to succeed in their profession.

  • Fast, Simple and Easy to use with Section-wise display of Acts, Rules, Notifications/Circulars, Analytical Reviews, Important Case-Law, Case Scenarios and FAQs with real time updates
  • Practical Real-world Insights with Section-wise Case Scenarios and 26 detailed sector-specific Case Studies
  • Designed and Developed by Leaders in Indirect Tax Practice and Knowledge Publishing
  • Empower your Teams to Learn and Act Faster
  • Answer your Client Queries Better, Faster and more Confidently
  • Unbelievable value for money
  • Anytime, Online Access on Any Device like Laptop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Authentic GST Knowledge Solution with Commentary from the Gurus of Indirect Tax
  • Fast, Single-click Content Search across Multiple Content Sets
  • Differently Coloured text for Substituted, Inserted, and Omitted Provisions
  • Annotations with Notification Reference for Substitution, Insertion & Deletion
  • Easy Access to Notifications/Circulars with date-wise Sorting Facility
  • Landmark Case law for all Important Topics
  • Covers Critical, Contemporary and Emerging Issues in GST
  • Hyperlinking of Sections with Relevant Rules
  • Notification Summary with Links for Impacted Sections/Rules

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