14.04.2023: GSTN issued updated Advisory on time limit for Reporting Invoices on the IRP Portal

GSTN Advisory

An updated Advisory dated 13.04.2023, has been issued by GSTN on time limit for reporting invoices on the IRP Portal.

Earlier, the Advisory issued on 12.04.2023, provides that the businesses with a turnover of Rs.100 crore and above will have to upload their e-invoices on IRP portals within 7 days of the issue of such invoice w.e.f. 01.05.2023. This restriction will apply to invoice, and there will be no time restriction on reporting debit/credit notes. Now, with the issue of updated Advisory, the GSTN provides that the restriction 7 days will also be applicable to all the documents types  i.e. Credit Notes, Debit notes. 

The Advisory reads as:

1. It is to inform you that it has been decided by the Government to impose a time limit on reporting old invoices on the e-invoice IRP portals for taxpayers with AATO greater than or equal to 100 crores.

2. To ensure timely compliance, taxpayers in this category will not be allowed to report invoices older than 7 days on the date of reporting.

3. Please note that this restriction will apply to the all document types for which IRN is to be generated. Thus, once issued, the credit / Debit note will also have to be reported within 7 days of issue.

4. For example, if an invoice has a date of April 1, 2023, it cannot be reported after April 8, 2023. The validation system built into the invoice registration portal will disallow the user from reporting the invoice after the 7-day window. Hence, it is essential for taxpayers to ensure that they report the invoice within the 7-day window provided by the new time limit.

5. It is further to clarify that there will be no such reporting restriction on taxpayers with AATO less than 100 crores, as of now.

6. In order to provide sufficient time for taxpayers to comply with this requirement, which may require changes to your systems, we propose to implement it from 01.05.2023 onwards.

Source: GSTN 
The Advisory can be accessed at https://www.gst.gov.in/newsandupdates/read/578

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