11.03.2024 NTTA demands GST cut on Pashmina products

Srinagar, Mar 8: Chairman of the Nigeen Tourist Traders Association (NTTA), Manzoor Wangnoo commended Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special recognition of Pashmina during his recent visit to Srinagar.

PM Modi’s address ignited discussions on various fronts, with a notable focus on Pashmina.

Wangnoo underscores PM Modi’s acknowledgement as a call to action to safeguard this invaluable heritage. He advocates for a reduction in GST on Pashmina products to 5%, believing it could substantially improve their accessibility and affordability.

In his statement, Wangnoo emphasises that such a tax reduction would offer vital support to artisans, particularly women, who play a pivotal role in the Pashmina industry. Furthermore, it would cultivate a deeper cultural appreciation for this traditional craftsmanship.

Wangnoo expresses optimism that authorities will prioritize this initiative, benefiting artisans and preserving the rich legacy of Pashmina.

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