09.10.2023: Chaff cutter manufacturers demand uniform GST rate

The Chaff Cutter Manufacturing Association has been raising the issue of non-implementation of uniform GST rate. Members of the Association also recently met the GST Commissioner, Jalandhar, and handed over a memorandum. They said that manufacturers in other states were paying GST at the rate of 12 per cent whereas they have been paying GST at 18 per cent since 2019 which has resulted in unhealthy competition.

The chaff cutter is a hand-operated machine which is used to cut fodder for the animals and is used in dairy farming. The members explained that without gandasa (blade), the chaff cutter is useless as it cannot cut fodder into small pieces.

“The members of our Association are facing grave difficulties and are losing business, and our factories will soon be on the verge of closure,” the memorandum reads. They also said the gandasa (blade) was fully exempted from VAT in all the states and no excise duty was levied. “After the introduction of GST in 2017, they started paying GST at 12 per cent, but in 2019, they were asked to pay 18 per cent,” the members said.

Source: The Tribune 

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