08.12.2022: GSTN allows revoking suspension of registration

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Network has introduced a new facility that allows for revoking the suspension of registration.

The facility is for those taxpayers who file their pending returns after the receipt of the show-cause notice issued by the GST system.

“Facility to initiate drop proceeding for suspension of registration at the GST portal and revoke the suspension of registration,” GST Network said in a post on Twitter on Wednesday.

It said before this functionality, the registration of those taxpayers who had filed their pending returns but did not respond to the show-cause notice remained suspended despite filing their returns.

“Now such taxpayers have been given the facility to initiate drop proceedings on their own once the pending returns are filed. So, if taxpayers have filed all pending returns, and their registration status is still suspended, then taxpayers can revoke the suspension with a single click by initiating drop proceeding,” GST Network tweeted.

The move will provide relief to taxpayers who were facing suspension of their registration for a long time, resulting in litigation and before various courts.

Source: The Economic Times 

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