08.03.2024 No GST Council meeting until the new government forms: Sources

The GST Council, responsible for crucial tax-related deliberations, has faced constraints in meeting its mandated schedule due to various commitments. Notably, the council couldn't convene in January and February as dictated by rules, owing to the budgetary obligations of both the Union and State governments.
Of particular concern is the lapse in convening since the last meeting held on October 7, 2023. As per regulations, a meeting should have taken place in January 2024, highlighting the departure from the prescribed timeline.
During the October meeting, the GST Council had deferred discussions on online gaming to the subsequent gathering. Additionally, issues pertaining to the clarification of various classification matters were earmarked for resolution at the upcoming meeting, which now faces further delay.
With the forthcoming election season looming, the timeline for the next GST Council meeting remains uncertain, raising concerns over the timely resolution of crucial tax-related matters.
Source: CNBC

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