06.09.2023: GST E-way Bill system issued update on HSN Code requirements w.e.f. 01.10.2023

An update has been issued by GST E-way bill system on 05.09.2023, regarding HSN code digit in the e-Invoices and e-Waybills.

The update states as under:

“As per the Notification No. 78/2020 dated 15th Oct 2020, the tax payers, having Aggregate Annual Turn Over (AATO) above Rs 5 Crore, shall use atleast 6 digit HSN code in the e-Invoices and e-Waybills and other tax payers shall use atleast 4 digit HSN code in E-Invoices and E-Way Bills.

Most of the tax payers are already following this, Other tax payers are requested to adapt to the change and comply by the due date. This will be made Mandatory from 1st October 2023 in e-Waybill and e-Invoice Systems.”

Source: GST E-way Bill System

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