06.02.2023: PWD contractors demand 18% GST on new tenders

After the issuance of notification regarding the increase in GST to 18 per cent from 12 per cent on all ongoing works of the government departments, the PWD Contractors’ Association demanded that the government should increase the GST to 18 per cent in the upcoming tenders also.

However, the association made it clear that they would not end their strike now and not participate in new tenders till the new tenders were uploaded on the portal with 18 per cent GST condition.

“We want uniform GST of 18 per cent on all upcoming works also. The government has assured us that it will reimburse the gap, but the government had increased it to 18 per cent in July 2022, forcing us to boycott the new tender process,” said the members of the association.

Source: https://www.tribuneindia.com/news/haryana/pwd-contractors-demand-18-gst-on-new-tenders-476689

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