05.09.2022: Paying tax through e-filing portal attracts convenience charges, 18% GST

The act of paying tax on the Income Tax Department’s new income tax web portal will now be taxed. A convenience charge and Goods & Services charges will be applicable on some payment methods on the portal.
The charges will be applicable if tax is paid on the portal using the ‘payment gateway’ on the e-filing website.
The payment gateway lists various payment methods that taxpayers can use to clear their dues on the portal. Other payment options include net banking, credit card, debit card and UPI. Service charges and GST of 18% is levied if transaction is done using net banking and credit card.
For net banking, transaction charges include a convenience fee and GST charges at 18%. The following charges are applicable.
HDFC Bank: Rs 12
ICICI Bank: Rs 9
SBI Bank: Rs 7
Axis Bank: Rs 7
Other banks (including Federal Bank): Rs 5
Plus, GST @ 18%
Charges for payment using credit card includes 0.85% plus 18% GST.
To illustrate, if a user uses a credit card to pay Rs 30,000 tax then a convince fee of 0.85% will be applicable on Rs 30,000 which works out to Rs 255 and a GST of 18% will be applicable to Rs 255.
It is to be noted that payment gateway charges will be applicable when taxpayers make payments using net banking of unauthorised banks, credit cards and UPI. However, no charges will be levied if income tax is paid using the NSDL website.
The income tax portal lists only three authorised banks Kotak Mahindra Bank, Federal Bank and Bank of India.
Other than net banking, taxpayers can also pay using NEFT, RTGS and over-the-counter payment methods.
Source: Times Now 

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