04.04.2023: Bizmen urge Centre not to frequently change GST norms


Ahead of a recent update in the norms related to goods and services tax (GST), the city’s businessmen are now furious over these “frequent changes” in the requirements for compliance to the GST system. They rue that instead of making the system more user friendly, the government has been making it more complex by coming up with new rules.

Harish Kairpal, president of Ludhiana MSME Association said, “In the recent development related to GST compliance, those  assessees whose bank accounts do not have a verified KYC are getting alerts from GSTIN portal, asking them to re-verify the account details. It is almost six years now since the GST came into existence in India but it is sad and shocking that till, now new changes are being made to GSTIN portal which are making compliance difficult for the taxpayers. On one side the Centre propagates that its focus is on ease of doing business, but on the other hand it is bringing frequent changes to the GST system.”

Many businessmen also rue that the earlier value-added tax
(VAT) system was much better, where they had to physically furnish returns as not everyone is technologically equipped for the new system. 

Rajkumar Singla, president of Fastener Supplier Association of Ludhiana said, “Despite repeated changes in GST in the name of making the system more secure, the government has failed to stop the scamsters committing GST frauds; and in the entire process genuine businessmen are the ones who are getting affected by so many changes. It is our suggestion to the government to revert back to the earlier VAT system, when we used to file paper returns manually as this hi-tech system of GST has become a pain for us.”

Another industrialist Swinder Singh Hunjan also wondered why the government didn’t introduce all the changes at once.

Source: The Times of India 

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