03:12.2022: Solve cotton traders’ GST issue

Telangana Rythu Sangham district secretary Bothu Rambabu on Friday demanded that state government intervene and immediately resolve the issue related to payment of GST by cotton traders.

This would pave the way for traders to start lifting cotton from farmers, he pointed out.

Cotton traders have stopped lifting cotton after several of them had been slapped with notices for payment of GST for the year 2017–18 totalling to ₹33 crore. Traders contend that they have already paid their GST dues under the sales head.

“State and central governments should intervene and settle the issue for the sake of farmers. Bales of cotton brought by farmers are lying in the market yards, as traders are not coming forward to purchase them,” the rythu sangham district secretary maintained.

He demanded that state government order top GST officials to look into the issue and solve it immediately.


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