03.08.2023: Advisory issued by GSTN on E-Invoice – Services Offered by the Four New IRPs

GSTN Advisory

The GSTN on 02.08.2023, has issued an Advisory on E-Invoice – Services Offered by the Four New IRPs.

E-INVOICE – Services Offered By The Four New IRPs








1 e-Invoicing reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Online Portal Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 e-Invoicing offline tool Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Direct API, Through GSP or ERP Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Excel utility Yes Yes No Yes
6 Bulk e-Invoice generation Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 e-Invoice Schema Validation Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 De-duplication check Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Generation of QR code in respect of validated invoices Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 e-Invoice cancellation Yes Yes Yes Yes
11 QR code verifier app Yes Yes Yes Yes
12 Send notifications by email, SMS to users Yes Yes Yes Yes
13 Generation of E-way bill after IRN generation Yes No Yes Under Development (VAS)
14 Archival of e-Invoice data Yes Yes Yes (VAS) Yes
15 Mobile App Yes No Yes (VAS) Yes
16 ERP plugin Under Development (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) No
17 e-Invoicing data transfer through FTP Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) No Yes (VAS)
18 e-Invoicing data transfer through SFTP Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS)
19 Reconciliation of GSTR-1 Data Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS)
20 Invoice storage for more than 48 hours Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS) Yes (VAS)

Disclaimer :- e-Invoice Reporting and IRN Generation

1.  Please be informed that e-Invoice reporting and IRN (Invoice Reference Number) generation services on all IRPs, including the 4 new IRPs, are provided free of charge. There are no fees associated with using these essential services for generating and reporting e-Invoices. The IRPs are mandated to offer e-Invoice reporting and IRN generation as part of their compliance process, ensuring that taxpayers can avail these services without incurring any additional cost.

2.  However, we would like to highlight that any additional Value-Added Services (VAS) offered by IRPs are independent of the standard e-Invoice reporting and IRN generation and may have associated charges. GSTN has no role in the provision or pricing of such Value-Added Services.

3.  Before availing any additional VAS, we advise taxpayers to review the details of the services, data security and their associated costs as offered by the respective IRPs.

4.  Additionally, in addition to the four new IRPs, e-Invoice reporting and IRN generation services are also provided by NIC-IRP. Users can access these services at https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in and https://einvoice2.gst.gov.in.

5 . For any support related to the standard e-Invoice reporting and IRN generation services, taxpayers can reach out to GSTN or their respective IRPs.

Source: GSTN 
The Advisory can be accessed at https://www.gst.gov.in/newsandupdates/read/597

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