03.07.2023: New functionalities enabled on GST portal for Withdrawal of Refund application and Tracking the Refund application status in real time


The GSTN has enabled the new functionalities on the GST portal for taxpayers to –

  1. Track the status of Refund application in real time and
  2. Withdraw the refund application 

A. Tracking of Refund Application Status in Real Time 

To track the status Navigate services > Track Application Status > Select the Refund option > Enter ARN > click SEARCH

B. Withdraw the refund application 

New Facility to withdraw the appeal application introduced for Taxpayers, in case there are errors in appeal application. Can be withdrawn upto the stage of acknowledgement of application in Form RFD-02. 

  1. Withdraw the Refund Application in case you have made a mistake while filing
  2. Fill out a simple Form RFD-01W to withdraw
  3. File the Corrected Refund Application immediately for quicker processing

Source: GSTN 

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