01.03.2023: CBIC notifies changes in GST rates to give effect to the recommendations of 49th GST Council Meet.

The CBIC has issued certain notifications on 28th February, 2023 to give effect to the recommendation as discussed by the GST Council in its 49th GST Council meeting held on 18th February, 2023. Also, similar notifications has been passed under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (IGST Act) and Union Territory Goods and Services Tax Act, 2017 (UTGST Act). 



These notifications are issued to give effect to the decisions taken in the meeting in respect to the following :

A. Changes in rate of Goods
B. Reverse charge mechanism
C. Exemption in respect of goods and services
D. Exemption from Compensation cess


Serial No. Particulars W.e.f. Notification No.

Exemption granted to educational institutions and Central and State educational boards for conduct of entrance examination to any authority, board or a body set up by the Central Government or State Government including National Testing Agency for conduct of entrance examination for admission to educational institutions.

1st March, 2023 01/2023-Central Tax (Rate)
01/2023-Integrated Tax (Rate)
01/2023-Union Territory Tax (Rate)

Extend dispensation available to Central Government, State Governments, Parliament and State Legislatures with regard to payment of GST under reverse charge mechanism (RCM) to the Courts and Tribunals also in respect of taxable services supplied by them such as renting of premises to telecommunication companies for installation of towers, renting of chamber to lawyers etc.



1st March, 2023 02/2023-Central Tax (Rate)
02/2023-Integrated Tax (Rate)
02/2023-Union Territory Tax (Rate)
  1. GST rate from 18% to 5% for Rab, if sold pre-packaged and labelled.  
  2. GST rate from 18% to 12% for Pencil Sharpener. 
1st March, 2023 03/2023-Central Tax (Rate)
03/2023-Integrated Tax (Rate)
03/2023-Union Territory Tax (Rate)

No GST is payable when ‘Rab' sold otherwise (other than pre-packaged and labelled)

Earlier, the same was taxable at 18%.

1st March, 2023 04/2023-Central Tax (Rate)
04/2023-Integrated Tax (Rate)
04/2023-Union Territory Tax (Rate)

To extend the exemption benefit from compensation cess on coal rejects supplied to a coal washery, arising out of coal on which compensation cess has been paid and input tax credit thereof has not been availed by any person. 

Earlier, the exemption has been provided only on coal rejects supplied by a coal washery arising out of coal, on which compensation cess has been paid on raw material and no input tax credit thereof has been availed by any person.

1st March, 2023 01/2023-Compensation Cess (Rate)



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