Corporate Tax Knowledge Solutions

Features of TAXO

  1. UAE Corporate Tax with Real time updated Law, Executive Regulations
  2. 100+ illustrations and Diagram for quick understanding
  3. Repository of relevant Case laws from Global jurisdiction
  4. Save your organization from Non Compliance of Corporate Tax
  5. Master how to ensure compliance for Corporate Tax
  6. Train and Empower your team – save hundreds of dollars spent in capacity building
  7. Exceptional value for money – a low cost Corporate Tax empowerment solution
  8. Simple, easy to use knowledge solution with anytime, anywhere access

UAE Corporate TAX is Useful for :

  1. Corporates
  2. Consultants & Advisors
  3.   Auditors

What your Team Gets

  1. 12+ Monthly Webinars
  2. One Year Subscription of TAXO

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