About OMNIVAT Magazine

OMNIVAT is a bi-monthly online magazine which aims to bring together best practices relating to Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) across the globe. Comprising of contributions from experts with experience across myriad segments including corporate, practice, policy-making, and administration, the magazine will assist in bench-marking processes and policies in GST. It will become a source for discussion, debate, and policy recommendations for GST evolution and implementation.

Key Features

  • Gain global perspectives with first of its kind authoritative magazine on Indirect Tax (GST/VAT) covering international issues
  • Analytical articles and papers by subject-experts from: industry, practice and policy-making
  • Get practical insights and experience from multiple international jurisdictions at one single place
  • A valuable resource for benchmarking best practices in implementation of GST
  • Critical contribution to the evolution of the GST regime in India and other jurisdictions at nascent stage

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