2019 Taxo.online 217

W.A. no. 1053 of 2019

M/s. Josco Jewellers (P.) Ltd.

State of Kerala and Ors.



Central Goods and Services Tax Act 2017

174 and 125


Matter remanded back

High Court






Abdul Rehim, J:

The petitioner in W.P (C) No.19728/2018 is the appellant herein, challenging the judgment dismissing the writ petition on 11-01-2019. The respondents herein are the respondents in the writ petition.

  1. Exhibit P2 notice and Ext.P4 order imposing penalty were challenged in the writ petition by contending that the appellant company is in no way liable to be imposed with penalty, because the irregularities pointed out is with respect to the transactions conducted by another concern, which is functioning in another name and Inter alia, the appellant raised contentions regarding the constitutional validity of Section 174 of the Kerala State Goods and Services Tax Act (KSGST Act for short). The writ petition was dismissed along with a batch of other cases by holding that the issue involved stands covered against the petitioner through the judgment W.P (C) No.11335/2018 and connected cases, dated 11-01-2019.
  1. Contention of the appellant is that the issue covered under the judgment in W.P (C) No.11335/2018 and connected cases pertains only with respect to validity of Section 174 of the KSGST Act. It is pointed out that the learned Judge had failed to advert to other contentions taken by the appellant and to decide the same on The fact that the learned Single Judge has not considered any grounds other than the validity of Section 174 of the KSGST Act, is conceded by the learned Government Pleader. It is also conceded that the decision in W.P (C) No.11335/2018 and connected cases is now pending consideration in various writ appeals filed before this court. Therefore we are of the considered opinion that a remittance of the writ petition for fresh consideration and disposal on the basis of the grounds mentioned as above, will suffice to meet the ends of justice.
  2. Hence, the above writ appeal is hereby allowed. The impugned judgment in W.P (C) No.19728/2018 is hereby set The writ petition is restored on the files of this court for fresh consideration and disposal by the Single Judge on the ground other than the challenge against validity of Section 174 of the KSGST Act.
  3. The Registry shall post the writ petition before the learned Single Judge, dealing with the subject matter as per the roster.
  4. Interim order of stay existed as on the date  of dismissal of the writ petition shall stand revived and shall continue to be in force.

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